Our poorest children are falling behind before they’ve even started.

Studies show that children who hear more words are better prepared when they start school and by the time they’re six they have bigger vocabularies and are stronger readers.

Some children born into low-income families hear millions fewer words than others by the time they get to school, despite their parents’ best efforts.

This means that hundreds of thousands of children across the UK are behind in their early language development when starting primary school which results in them struggling to speak in full sentences, express themselves or understand simple instructions from parents, teachers and friends.

When children start out ahead—they stay ahead.

Children who start out behind, stay behind and they’re much less likely to do well in school or succeed in the world of work. This disparity in learning is referred to as the ‘achievement gap’. We’re on a mission to close this gap, boost early learning amongst the poorest children in the UK and achieve lasting change in children’s lives.

Wonder Words aims to ensure more children from low-income families start school with the language skills to succeed.

A collaboration between Save the Children and the National Literacy Trust

Wonder Words is being developed by experts to help families talk, sing and play with their babies and toddlers. We’re testing the first ideas in spring 2017 before scaling the programme up in 2018.

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We are looking to develop collaborations and partnerships throughout the public and private sectors, and we’re keen to build support at every stage.

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